Bitmovin Player Integration with HivecdnJS Async API

<!-- add  script to  your page -->
        window.hivecdn=window.hivecdn||function(){(hivecdn.q=hivecdn.q||[]).push(arguments)};hivecdn.l=+new Date;
        hivecdn("settings",{siteId:'YOUR_SITE_ID'}) // Register your siteID
<script async  src=''></script>

<!-- add bitmovin player  library script to  your page -->
<script src="">


var player = bitmovin.player("player"); // create your bitmovin player instance
// your bitmovin configuration
var conf = {
                key: "YOUR_BITMOVIN_KEY",
                source: {dash: url}
// Register your bitmovin player to  hivecdn api
hivecdn("registerPlayer",player, "bitmovin");
// setup bitmovin player